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  1. The Search for Extraterrestrial Life – From Religion to Science 
    Is human life unique in the Universe or is it ubiquitous?  A profound and popular question

  2. Intelligence
    There is no evidence that intelligence helps species to survive.  There is some evidence against it.

  3. Where are They?  - We Are Alone
    Empirical evidence suggests that intelligent life is, at most, rare in the Universe.

  4. An Abundance of Worlds – An Abundance of Life
    The Universe may have no other intelligent life but it is teeming with simpler life -- on billions of worlds.

  5. Exploring New Worlds - We Are Not Lonely
    Exploration of potentially habitable worlds provides humankind with unlimited adventure and opportunities for discovery.

  6. Visiting Exoplanets: Interstellar Flight, A Bridge Too Far
    Space is too big and our lives too short to reach the stars -- at least physically.

  7. Using Nature’s Telescope
    Nature (and Einstein) has provided us with a scientific instrument capable seeing exoplanets - up close and personal.  It is far out, but within our reach.

  8. Real Interstellar Exploration
    The bridge too far of interstellar flight can be crossed virtually making real exploration possible.

  9. Comparative Astrobiology
    The future holds the promise of discovering and studying life on many worlds.  This will lead to a new field of comparative astrobiology, whose results (like those of comparative planetology and of a heliocentric solar system) are unpredictable, but certain to be far-reaching.


Appendix A - Interstellar Messaging

Appendix B  - Mayr vs. Sagan, A Debate on Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Appendix C – The Search for Our Terrestrial Intelligence

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