Fast, Low-cost Access to the Planets -- A New Paradigm for Solar System Exploration

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- Launch to Earth escape speed or into high Earth orbit
- Spiral in toward Sun, tacking the sail
- Perihelion fly around Sun gains high hyperbolic speed 
- Outbound trajectory flees through the solar system and beyond

Stepping to the Stars

LightCraft Demonstration Flight: a 5-7 kg spacecraft to simply demonstrate the sailcraft and fast exit speed (5-6 AU/year)

-- A mission to catch and rendezvous with an Interstellar Object as soon as it is discovered enteriing the solar system

-- A mission to fly through the water plumes of Europa or Enceladus 

-- A mission to fly through the Kuiper Belt and close to a KBO

--  Solar Gravity Lens Focus missions to image surface features and signs of life  at high-resolution on potentially habitable planets around other stars


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See this White Paper presented to the National Academies of Science Space Science Board